Alpha CannaX – Tincture (Full Spectrum)


Full Spectrum Tincture by Alpha CannaX


Full-Spectrum Organic Hemp CBD Oil

  • Chemical-free glass bottles are used for better quality oil.
  • Comes in 2 dosages: 500mg and 1,500mg.
  • MCT coconut oil has been added to help absorb the CBD oil quicker and more efficiently in the liver.
  • Free shipping for U.S. resident for orders over $25.00.

The making of our very own full-spectrum organic hemp CBD oil starts in the fertile soil on an Oregon farm. The entire cannabis plant – stem, leaves and seeds – are used to produce a highly concentrated oil for your health concerns, which makes it a full-spectrum natural-health product.


AlphaCannax 500mg/1500mg

500mg, 1500mg


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