Hip Cafe

Hip Cafe is South Philadelphia's first cafe and lounge that specializes in unique products that help calm the mind and body. George Martorano, a Philadelphia native, founded the cafe in 2019. After serving 32 years in federal prison, the longest prison term to ever be imposed on a first time non-violent offender, he is now on a mission to help others. His cafe was created to offer locals a relaxing atmosphere with uniquely infused coffee, oils, and more.

We're conveniently located just off of South Street and encourage locals to stop in and enjoy coffee, baked goods, TV, massages and free wifi. We also sell products that are known to help reduce anxiety, pain, and stress. Whether you need a pick me up in the morning or your winding down from a night on South Street, our knowledgeable staff will suggest the perfect remedy to ease your mind.


607 S. St. | Phila. PA

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