George Martorano and Hip Hemp Cafe Expand to AC

..In 1982, Martorano was arrested for conspiracy to distribute 2,600 pounds of cannabis.

“I was the first person to get life no parole as a nonviolent offender,” he said.

Establishing the Hip Hemp Cafe

…Since becoming a free man, Martorano has been busy.

“I come out of jail with the shirt on my back, and now I’m doing well,” he said. “I have businesses, brands. I’m the only prisoner ever in the history of America to get his face on a beer can.”

He did indeed put his mugshot on his Mugshot IPA beer.

Martorano opened Hip Hemp Cafe first in Philadelphia. There are now two in Philly’s Bella Vista and Southwest Philly neighborhoods. They also have stores in Atlantic City and Newark, Delaware.

He has established the Growfather brand. Martorano’s goal is for it to become as popular as Hershey bars.

In addition, about 200 different items are featured in the Hip Hemp Cafes. It took two years of sourcing to filter products.

“I will not tolerate inferiority in my products,” Martorano said.

He believes in the need for a Certificate of Authenticity for CBD to understand their contents.

“We’re about helping people first and making money second,” Martorano said.

Martorano recently received an invitation to open Hip Hemp Cafes in Boston.

“If you do the right job, the money will come,” he said.

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